hi! i’m caitlin.

i’m married to t-roy.

we have an adorable dog and we live in God’s country. (aka texas.)

i work here and for my church, which means i do life with super cool people that push me to put God first, then my family, then everything else.

this blog was born out of a conviction to change the way i live because it’s been based on culture rather than what Christ calls me to.

it all started with this lady (hence the name of the blog), this book, and this blog. they messed up my world and wham! bam! alacazam! greater than rubies came along. i thought i’d write about what God was teaching me and be a cute little style blogger.

…about 3 days after i started style blogging, i decided that shopping had become an idol to me. because i rarely learn a lesson half way, my friend kat and i cut shopping for clothing and accessories out of our lives for a year. i have perfect timing. (sarcasm.)

now? that single decision has changed the way i think about everything. greater than rubies has morphed right along with it and i write about all kinds of things now.

and that, in a nutshell, is me.

wanna be friends? me too.

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