early morning. a fresh cup of coffee. perusing a few of the reads below. there are few things i enjoy more.

{and yes, they are in alphabetical order because if they weren’t i would be up all night thinking about it.}

I Dream of Clean

  • cleaning and organizing tips? be still my heart.

In Honor of Design

  • anna’s eye for design is impeccable and her diy projects…well, let’s just say i know where a good chunk of my spending money is going to go.

Jen Hatmaker’s Blog

  • super real and ridiculously hilarious; jen’s writings about her life have turned mine upside down.

Kendi Everyday

  • kendi’s 30 (pieces of clothing) for 30 (outfit) remixes challenged me to be appreciative of and creative with the pieces i already have.


  • i signed up for learn vest a long time ago and still look forward to the e-mails they send every day packed full of ways to live well and frugally.

Putting Me Together

Real Simple

  • getting this magazine every month is like having a birthday 12 times a year. it is my favorite magazine of all time and has taught me {almost} everything i know.

The House of Smiths

  • aka the blog i use to store up design ideas in evernote like a squirrel hoards his nuts in a tree before winter.

The Tiny Twig

  • i love everything about hayley’s blog. she writes about living with more passion and less fuss and inspires me to do exactly that.